Contact Lenses

At Colorado Ophthalmology and CosMEDics, we offer a wide range of contact lens products to meet your vision requirements, lifestyle and even your fashion sense. Our experienced contact lens technicians can help you find the best lens options for comfort and clarity. We specialize in HIGH ALTITUDE and DRY EYE contact lens fitting as well as medically necessary contacts and the latest CORNEAL RESHAPING LENSES for myopia (near sightedness) and hyperopia (far sightedness).

We handle all major Brands of contact lenses and we are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. All contact lens prescriptions welcome! Simple, easy reordering and shipping is just a phone call away.* Just call (303) 797-1150 


  •  It’s time for a smarter contact lens! Experience the lens for presbyopia that runs on BRAINPOWER!
  • INTRODUCING NaturalVue® Multifocal 1-Day Contact Lenses. Based on the science of the brain, the advanced Neurofocus Optics® technology of these NEW soft lenses work naturally with the brain to automatically focus your eyes for clear far and near vision and everywhere in between.
  • Presbyopia eventually affects everyone. Typically, people first notice changes in their vision between ages 40 and 50. They can’t see as clearly up close and have to hold reading material at arm’s length.
  • Is reading a menu a struggle, especially in low light?
  • Find yourself squinting at your cell phone?
  • Having trouble with your computer?
  • Constantly taking reading glasses on and off?
  • Now you can enjoy clear vision at every distance without reading glasses. Put the hassles of traditional Multifocal Contact Lenses and “readers” behind you. Did you know 85% of current multi-focal contact lens wearers experience compromised vision? Are you unhappy or frustrated with your current multi-focal contacts? NaturalVue® Multifocal Contact Lens wearers perform 92% of daily activities without reading glasses, even in low light. Call for a vision exam today and get a no-charge trial pair of NaturalVue® Multifocal Contacts and See Naturally®.

If you need to renew your expired contact lens prescription or would like to try contact lenses, schedule an appointment today. We accept most vision plans. *FEDERAL LAW REQUIRES AN ANNUAL CONTACT LENS EXAMINATION to purchase contact lenses or update a contact lens prescription.

Tips for Contact Lens Care

To avoid eye infection, proper contact lens hygiene is very important. We recommend following these steps when caring for your lenses:

  • Wash your hands before putting in your contacts
  • Use high quality lens cleaning solutions to clean your contacts after each use; do not reuse cleaning solutions as it may contain bacteria
  • Do not use your own saliva, tap water or chlorinated water to clean your lenses; these unsterile water sources may contain bacteria
  • Wash your lens case regularly with cleaning solution and allow it to dry before closing it
  • Only sleep in extended wear contacts
  • Replace your lens case every three months to avoid bacteria build-up
  • Don’t wear contacts if your eyes are irritated or if the contact appears damaged; this can lead to infection or a scratched cornea

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