Primary Eye Care

If you are confused by the term optometrist and ophthalmologist, you are not alone. While both are eye doctors, there are differences in the level of care provided by each:

Optometrists provide primary eye care such as vision testing, glasses/contacts prescriptions, management of vision changes, diagnosis of eye abnormalities, etc.

Ophthalmologists are trained to perform medical surgery as well as diagnose and treat eye diseases. Additional years of medical training is required to achieve this distinction. Dr. Alan Margolis is a board-certified ophthalmologist who also offers primary eye care including general eye exams.

By choosing an ophthalmologist for eye exams, you will be building a strong doctor/patient relationship that can grow as your vision changes. Dr. Margolis can help you stay proactive with your eye health by identifying and managing vision problems as early as possible. Being familiar with your vision and medical history, he can recommend the right type of medications, lifestyle changes or surgery.