In our pursuit to offer only the best service here in Colorado Ophthalmology and CosMEDics we make sure that our patients can expect the same level of care in our facility in Lone Tree, CO.  And our desire to do all these has led us to include the Diopsys Testing System in our clinics.  These patented testing systems from Diopsys helps us in the early detection, diagnosis and proper treatment of our patients with vision disorders.  We offer the Diopsys Nova-VEP and the Diopsys Nova-ERG to our patients and both have significantly increased the treatment accuracy and thereby improving the quality of care that our facility delivers for each of our patients.

What is the Diopsys Nova-VEP System?

The Nova-Vep Vision Testing System is a patented medical device from Diopsys that helps us measure the function of the entire pathway of our patient’s vision starting from the lens up to the visual cortex of their brains.  This is the only system available in the market today that allows doctors to examine a patient’s visual system from where it comes in, up to where the image is processed by the brain.  This allows us to see exactly where the problem lies and how it affects the other parts of the visual system, thus providing us with accurate information that will guide us with the proper diagnosis and coming up with the customized treatment plan for our patients.  This procedure is non-invasive, it is painless, and will not require to put the patient under sedation or any anesthetic.  The Diopsys Nova-VEP System can be used for patients as young as 6 months old after they have experienced any traumatic brain injury, a stroke, or if they are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Nova-VEP helps us see any visual impairments that could have resulted from these conditions and help us to better treat our patients.

What is the Diopsys Nova-ERG System?

The Nova-ERG Testing system is among the many patented systems of Diopsys and is mainly concerned with testing the function of the patient’s retina.  The retina is the part of our eye that collects light to help our eyes discern images.  Nova-ERG uses pattern electroretinography (pERG), a technology that helps us get valuable information about a patient’s inner retinal performance, especially in the macula area.  And in just one sitting we are able to get pertinent information about our patient’s retinal function.  The information that we get from this test will enable us to properly diagnose and treat vision impairments such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic maculopathies.