HD Analyzer™

At Colorado Ophthalmology and CosMEDics, we are constantly implementing new ways to improve our diagnostic capabilities to serve you better. Our HD Analyzer™ is a tool we use to measure our patients’ vision quality. Using double-pass technology, we can calculate your Objective Scatter Index (OSI) to assess the quality of light after it enters your eyes and a point spread function (PSF) to determine the images captured on your retina. The HD Analyzer also measures the quality and stability of your tear film. The results of these tests can lead to:

  • Early diagnosis of cataracts
  • Diagnosis of dry eye, even without dry eye symptoms
  • Improved treatment and vision outcomes for refractive procedures

During an eye exam, Dr. Alan Margolis will determine if use of the HD Analyzer is warranted in your case. Not all patients will require this diagnostic test, but it has proven to be very successful for early detection – and early treatment – of vision problems for many of our patients.

To learn more about the HD Analyzer in Lone Tree, contact us to schedule an eye exam.